Tokyo Vampire Hotel: Season 1 Episode 7

episode 7

Jun. 16, 2017

The last battle of the Colovin people and the people who caused the rebellion will come to an end. A fierce battle with a sword and a gun is held in various parts of the hotel. Yamada (Masunosuke Mitsushima) gave humans a blood festival with a machine gun, and Mana Mi (Totate Aya) who aroused and turned into a beast tore up the body of the Corbin tribe as a weapon with a sharply extended nail. Blood will also spur out from the walls of the hotel, and when the princess who is the hotel itself (Yumemo Adachi) begins to suffer, the princess is torn apart and K (summer sail) will survive. K who dyed the whole body with fresh blood, knocks down the Korubin one after another with the sword in hand, and changes the colorful hotel to the sea of ​​blood. In the meantime, surprising news arrives from the Dracula clan under K. K and Manami, K and Noah’s love-hate, Empress Yuumi Adachi and Elisabeth · Batley (Kagurazaka Megumi)’s fate, Yamada’s birth secret… all ends at the Tokyo Vampire Hotel. And Manami notices the secret of K.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel: Season 1 Episode 7

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