Tokyo Vampire Hotel: Season 1 Episode 5

episode 5

Jun. 16, 2017

The Dracula clan who has been waiting for 22 years to come up with Manami (Totto Asaka) who grew up until 22 years of age among the three children having infinite power stood up by sucking the blood of Manami . The Dracula clan headed to Romania to defeat the evil Korvin people on the ground, Manami and K (Natsuhi) return to Tokyo Vampire Hotel again. Noah tells her hidden feelings to K who is about to leave Noah. At that time, at the Tokyo Vampire Hotel, Princess (Yumemo Adachi) died, Yamada (Masunosuke Mitsushima) was the Emperor. Meanwhile, the men and women trapped in the hotel began fighting against the employees of the hotel who cooperated with each other to hold the weapons and showed the true nature of Vampire to escape from here. K that arrived there bowed a fire at the shadow of the Korubin family, and they kicked one after another with a sword.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel: Season 1 Episode 5

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